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New Release

25 episodes of Today's Special on DVD plus a 1 hour special. In many people's opinions, one of the best children's shows of the 80s. Join Jodie, Sam, Muffy and Jeff as they have numerous adventures in a department store! Here is your chance to re-live memories of this great under-rated show or to share the series with the younger generation who missed out on this gem of a show.

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Episodes you will receive are:

1) Songs

2) Circus

3) Family

4) Babies

5) Treasure Hunts

6) Wild West

7) Buttons

8) Adventure

9) Smiles

10) Fun

11) Night

12) Storms

13) Birthdays

14) Costumes

15) Hair

16) Snow

17 Summer Camp

18) Teeth

19) Moving

20) Trash

21) Our Story Part 1

22) Our Story Part 2

23) Bedtime

24) Sleep

25) Muffy

* Bonus: Today's Special Live on Stage 1 hour special

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